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I do consultations, at your own home, in the MELKSHAM, CORSHAM and CHIPPENHAM areas of Wiltshire (and other areas upon request). 

These can last for 2-3 hours as I will need to ask you - and your family - quite a bit about the issues

you are experiencing with your dog.  We will probably also need to go for a walk!


Resource guarding

Resource guarding - with the fear/reality of biting - is one of the most serious issues that a behaviourist will be asked to address.  A safety protocol may be required.

Probably, here, we will be checking the balance of the dog/owner relationship, and concentrating more on training and confirming rules/boundaries.   We will examine whether the dog's needs are being met and focus on the owner being in command of the walk/food/toys and the front door! 

The image above is by: id-work


Dog-dog aggression

Dog-to dog aggression is one of the most commonly- encountered dog behaviour issues.  It may have occurred if the dog did not have enough opportunity to socialise with other dogs as a puppy.  Avoidance of other dogs is not the answer, but it's a delicate process and a behaviourist is likely to be able to help you. The image above is by: Vasja Koman.


Separation anxiety

This is a complex subject and requires discussion.  It will definitely help to make your hellos/goodbyes to your dog as low key as possible.  Rein back on the emotion.  Buy a baby gate and practise short, 10-second, separations (door open at first) and increasing as tolerated.  The image above is by: ALEUTIE.


Excessive barking

We will need to look at why your dog is barking, or howling, and when s/he does it?  Are you inside the house, out of the house (or both).  Is s/he getting over-excited, too often do you think?  Do you feel s/he is getting enough exercise?   Never shout back.  Your dog may get noisier!  The image above is by: MACROVECTOR.

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