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I charge £50.00 per hour and a consultation usually lasts for 1.5-2 hours (including walking with you and your dog).

The consultation may take longer if you have two - or more - dogs because each one has to be assessed individually.

The concessionary rate for people on means-tested benefits is £30.00 per hour.  Please provide up-to-date proof of your claim on my first visit.  

I will send you an email summary of my visit, and the dog behaviour observed/matters discussed, with suggestions on how to modify the behaviour in question.  My report is free of charge.

It is often advisable to book a follow-up visit (so I can do a review, observe you with your dog, and offer further advice).

If you book three follow-up visits of one hour each, I will apply a discount.  The total cost of the follow-up visits will be £120.00 (at £40.00 per hour).

You are very welcome to contact me by phone. 


The minimum charge for a phone call is £12.50 (15 minutes of my time).

I will send you an email invoice after the first consultation and I have sent you my report.

I will ask you to pay within 5 working days of my sending the invoice.

It's often easiest to pay me by BACS transfer, but I will also accept cash.  If you pay me by cash, I will give you a receipt.

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