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                  CODE OF CONDUCT

Dog behaviourist Melksham, Chippenham, and Corsham

1.   I will make every effort to do no harm.

2.  I will use positive rewards training/ignoring behaviour such as "jumping up" wherever possible.  But there will be times when I feel it is appropriate to give the dog a specific instruction, e.g. "leave it" and then redirect the behaviour towards something the dog finds to be positive.

My aim is to achieve, as far as possible, well-socialised - and well-behaved citizens at both ends of the lead!

3.  I oppose the physical hitting of/shouting at dogs and also the use of an electric collar.

4.  I will conduct myself in a respectful and peaceful manner; I am trying to help not hurt.  I will conduct myself honestly, professionally, and with compassion.

5.  I will continue my professional development and work to keep my knowledge and skills up-to-date.

6.  When writing behaviour modification programmes, I will take into account the physical, and psychological, well-being of my client and their dog.

7.  I guarantee, in general, satisfaction with my services, but can not promise to achieve any specific outcome.

8.  I will be aware of my own professional limitations, be open and honest with clients, and - where necessary - refer them to another practitioner.

9.  I will keep all information given to me, during a consultation/working with a client private and confidential. 

I will not share their contact details without permission. 

10.  I will endeavour to maintain good, professional, relationships with my clients.  I will not impose my own values upon them; I will be open about the existence of alternate professional beliefs.

11.  I shall, at all times, work in full consideration of the health and safety of myself, my client, and their dog.  I shall also consider my health and safety responsibilities to the general public.

12.  I will maintain a valid public liability/professional indemnity certificate of insurance.

The image below is by Cleriston Ribeiro

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