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Dog behaviour consultations
in Chippenham, Corsham and Melksham

I was brought up with English Springer spaniels and so am familiar with the needs of such a high energy breed.  The dog in the photo is an ex-working Cocker spaniel.


I have over five years' experience of working in a large boarding kennels and have worked with dogs of all sizes and breeds.  I have worked with police dogs, prison dogs, rescue dogs and pet dogs and absolutely love relating to them - and keeping good order -  in the exercise yards.  It is amazing how many dogs respond to your "clap" with their attention and how they seem to understand that, when you whisper "shhh" - and put your hand up to your mouth, this means that they should stop barking!  This tactic is so much more effective than shouting.

I endeavour to meet the mental and physical needs of any dog in my care.  This means that I am aware of how important "the walk" is to any dog and how it needs to be able to socialise with members of its own species, and to play.  I also know how important (enough) human companionship is to a dog.

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